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"The course was very detailed, but approachable for students like me with very limited experience with finances. I cannot believe how much there is to learn about financial security." Student

"I believe my financial success will definitely benefit from this course." Student

"It is keyed toward everything college students should know now, and also when they get out of school" Vicki Jobst, M.B.A., C.P.A., professor at Benedictine University

"I think everything about this class was incredibly helpful and taught me a lot about things I never knew, especially about budgeting my expenses. I know now that this is very important and I have started using many of the techniques I learned in this course." Student

"I enjoyed this class very much.
I thought the exercises were useful for everyday life." Student

"This course has all of the information that students need to know in order to stay out of debt and finish their college education. The material presented has great value to any college student" Frances Cogle Lawrence, Ph.D., professor at Louisiana State University

"This course helped me to budget my expenses better and to know where I am financially. I also liked the quick calcs..." Student

"I liked how we had to use our own finances in this course. It made the work more personal and therefore more interesting." Student

"I was immediately impressed by the interactive nature that is created by asking questions and then clicking on an icon to get the answer. I think this is excellent. The interaction that has been created also serves to give the participant 'rewards' as they go through the process. It keeps them engaged. Providing definitions is really important." Financial Professional and Curriculum Development Specialist

"[This program] is the 'gold standard' for student financial education" Consultant

"I liked the interactive Quick-Calcs. You could actually see how all the numbers work together to get the whole picture." Student

"I wish a course like this was required for high school students and definitely for college students. If everyone took a course like this, everyone would be a lot better off financially and would avoid the problems we have today." Student

"...it was a fantastic course!" Student

"I thought that the online text was easy to read and the Quick Calc exercises helped me understand the topics. It all seemed very overwhelming at first, but it all made sense as I worked through the chapters." Student

"I have had trouble in the past managing and budgeting my money and this course is really helping. I am really learning a lot!" Student

"I am impressed!" Financial Professional

"I found the course very interesting and learned a lot. I'm actually very satisfied with the format of the course and found it very easy to follow." Student